Workers Compensation

State workers' compensation laws protect workers from having to cover medical bills and lost wages due to work-related injuries out of their own pockets.

It is a publicly sponsored system were workers are financially compensated in the event that they are injured or disabled during their employment.

Each state varies widely on the requires necessary for employee's to provide workers' compensation, a form of insurance, to employees.

If the injured party accepts the workers' compensation benefits, the employee waives the right to sue the employer and compensation claims are handled out of court.

However, in certain cases when the employee refuses or disputes your claim, legal action may be needed.

To better navigate a workers' compensation lawsuit, you can choose to hire an experienced workers' compensation lawyer with knowledge of the paperwork and deadline involved in the claim process.

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Related Injuries

Any injury sustained at work
Medical coverage
Rehabilitation costs
Disability benefits

Lawsuit Qualifications

Unlike other personal injury lawsuits, workers compensation claims do not require the victim to show fault.

Evidence of injury while at work is the only evidence required for an employee to receive compensation.

Workers should not expect to be compensated for any injury that occurs while they are working while in an impaired state, acting in direct violation of employer rules or guidelines, or injuries resulting from participating in a non-work related activity while at work.

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Workers Compensation


Workers Compensation Facts


    Any injury sustained at work
    Medical coverage
    Rehabilitation costs
    Disability benefits

  • Types of Accidents for Lawsuits

    Injuries occurring on employer property
    Injuries caused by employer properties
    Injuries from exposure to dangerous conditions
    Affliction to pre-existing injuries or conditions
    Injuries occurring at employer events

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